Five Yamaha MotoGP riders such as Valentino Rossi talk from the heart of “KANDO(*).”

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A concept picture was made based on the messages provided by those six individuals and assembled on the subject of the occasion,”personal development achieved by maximizing sensitivity, constant practice, and also the ‘Kando‘ born ” A movie digest chronicling the occasion together with the performances provided is currently available for viewing on our site, as well as an event overview.

(Decision ) Kando is a Japanese term for the simultaneous feelings of profound satisfaction and extreme excitement we experience when we experience something of unique value.

While Yamaha and Yamaha Motor may represent vastly different sectors –that the former specializing in audio and musical apparatus, and the latter in bikes and marine goods –both are connected by their mutual desire to make”Kando” together with their clients, presenting athletes and artists alike with all the musical machines and instruments which inspire amazing sensitivity and performances exceeding expectation, and really uplifting “Kando” in those who watch them.

As firms sharing the same “Yamaha” new, these producers are continuing their joint efforts for boosting the value of the brand using “2 Yamahas, 1 Passion” because the important motif. This occasion has been one such case of how they want to observe.

In this occasion, presenters related stories about the idea of “Kando,” a key value shared by both these businesses, relating how goods like musical instruments and bikes were close and dear to their hearts and drawing parallels between the vastly different roles played by artist and riders. Mr. Tristano went to present a world-premiere brand new article called“Time Grid,” he had been inspired to pen after viewing the MotoGP race held this year August from the Czech Republic. Deftly bending Yamaha’s concert grand piano CFX, the MONTAGE, along with also the Reface CS synthesizers to his artistic will, Mr. Tristano took audience members to a trip into the racetrack, weaving the tense silence of this grid together with all the white-hot fervor of this race, bridging a link between the five MotoGP passengers along with the crowd in the place. Together with a number of other crowd-pleasing minutes, for example Johann Zarco’s unexpected talk-session disclosure of his enthusiasm for the piano, capped off by his own impromptu operation, the”2 Yamahas” occasion was obviously a rousing success, giving unique experiences one couldn’t find anyplace else.

Throughout the concept film made to depict the subject of the event, riders Valentino Rossi, Maverick Viñales, Johann Zarco, Hafizh Syahrin, Katsuyuki Nakasuga, and Francesco Tristano every connected moving anecdotes about how they’ve cultivated and trained their sensitivity whenever they attained personal growth with”Kando.” .

The coordinators from Yamaha and Yamaha Motor had this to say:”Placing a pianist up on precisely the exact same point for a set of riders was surely a bold move, but we’re happy that the event brought much attention. Moving ahead, we’ve got every intention of working with these collaborative efforts to show that the value special to this’Yamaha’ new for our clients to enjoy.”

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