Apple iOS 11 autocorrect bug emerges againLooks like Apple users are facing yet another autocorrect bug in their compatible iPhone models. Few days ago, some Apple iOS11 users had complained of the letter ‘I’ changing to ‘A[?]’, now users are said to be facing the similar issue while typing ‘it’ and ‘is’. While the previous bug was fixed by Apple, this one remains to be addressed.

The only difference in this bug is that it doesn’t convert the ‘it’ and ‘is’ words to ‘A[?]’, but automatically converts them to ‘I.T’ and ‘I.S’. It has been mentioned by several users that the issue doesn’t get resolved even if you reboot the smartphone.

However, according to some there is also a workaround for the bug. Affected users can navigate through Settings > General > Keyboard> Text Replacement and make ‘it’ as both the phrase and shortcut. A similar workaround can be applied for ‘I.S’ as well.

If that also refuses to fix the issue, for the time being, you are left with just one option, and that is to turn off text autocorrect. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Keyboard and toggle off the autocorrect option.

Considering that Apple released iOS 11.1.1 three-four days after the ‘I’ letter bug was discovered, the Cupertino-based tech firm may release a fix for this bug too within a couple of days.
Apple is currently testing iOS 11.2 version in beta. The firm is also said to have introduced Apple Pay Cash feature, which it showcased for the first time at WWDC earlier this year.
To use Apple Cash Pay, users would also need two-factor authentication for the Apple ID.
Users would have to sign in to their iCloud account on any device that will be used to send or receive money. In addition, users would also need to link their eligible credit and debit card to the wallet.