Apple iPhone X's key feature breaks for some after iOS 11.2 update

Apple has just rolled out its iOS 11.2 final version to users worldwide. The Cupertino-based tech firm is said to have pushed forward the OS release in order to fix the ‘Date’ bug. But it looks like Apple may have hurried up with the OS version, neglecting yet another bug which leads to malfunctioning of the Face ID tech.

The reason why this particular issue is cropping up is not yet known. In addition, not all iPhone handsets are said to be affected with this. If you are one of those few iPhone X users who are seeing the message “Unable to activate Face ID on this phone” while using FaceID to unlock the device, all you can do right now is to simply reboot the device for a fix.

You would have to press and hold the power button along with any one of the volume buttons. Then simply drag the slider power button on the screen to shut down. Wait until the screen goes all black and then switch it on again.

However, Neowin reports that one of the reasons for the issue could be due to users changing the date in order to avoid the ‘Date’ bug that was witnessed right before the roll out of iOS 11.2.

Apple iOS 11.2 brings one of the most touted features – Apple Pay Cash, a peer-to-peer payment system introduced by the firm earlier this month. To use this, users would have to sign in to their iCloud account on any device that will be used to send or receive money. In addition, users would also need to link their eligible credit and debit card to the wallet.

In case you own an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone X, the iOS 11.2 unlocks the 7.5W wireless charging when used with a Wireless Qi pad. There are some improvements in the look of the emojis as well.