Apple launches App Store v5.0, here's what has changed

Apple has revamped its App Store, a platform from where iOS users can purchase/download other apps and update the existing ones. The update brings the version to 5.0. As part of an update, the app store is now more personalised as it now shows recommendations, suggestions, sessions based on products you already have and much more.

“Unlock a more personal, relevant in-store experience. Get product and session recommendations, see Favorites in stock, and scan and buy accessories right from your iPhone,” says the changelog.

Users will also be able to see Favourites in stock inside App Store. There is an option to scan buy accessories from the smartphone itself. The new Sessions tab lets users keep a check on music, photography and other sections. It shows upcoming events at local Apple Store.

App Store v5.0 also lets users manage the order in several ways if in case they have purchased something from the Apple online store. In addition, there is a possibility to view invoices and even edit shipping details of products.

With a stronger focus on purchases, the new App Store also lets you see how much have you saved on buying a particular refurbished device.

The Cupertino-based tech firm keeps updating its App Store after every few months.

Apple web store back in January this year got a major overhaul. The cosmetic change was influenced by the App Store in iOS 11. It showed larger images, focus on reviews and more.

Before this, we saw the App Store receiving a major redesign in September last year.

In December last year, the company started letting developers include a feature wherein they can allow the users to pre-order an app. Google already has this feature available for years now. Android users can simply pre-register for an app and be the first ones to try it upon its launch.