Apple rolls out iOS 11.2

After testing it in the beta mode for quite some time, Apple has finally started rolling out iOS 11.2 final version to all the eligible iPhone and iPad devices worldwide. The OS versions come with features such as Apple Pay Cash, new emojis, improved charging and more.

It is being said that the company rolled out iOS 11.2 on a weekend in order to bring a fix for the iOS ‘Date’ bug fix that some users were experience until few hours ago. If you are affected by the bug, you would have to follow certain steps if you want a seamless iOS 11.2 download.

Apple executives are recommending users to change the date manually to the time before the problem occurred (that is before December 2) to fix it temporarily. Some users on Reddit have found a solution by disabling the particular app’s notifications and turning off the background app refresh system.

Once the iOS 11.2 is installed, users can restore the settings back to like they were.

Besides this you get Apple Pay Cash, a peer-to-peer payment system introduced by the firm earlier this month. To use this, users would have to sign in to their iCloud account on any device that will be used to send or receive money. In addition, users would also need to link their eligible credit and debit card to the wallet.

Apple Pay Cash feature works with the iMessage app or via Siri. Users won’t need to download a separate app for this.

Unfortunately, Apple has not yet given details as to when this payment feature will be coming to other countries. For now, the feature only limited to the US.

In case you own an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone X, the iOS 11.2 unlocks the 7.5W wireless charging when used with a Wireless Qi pad. There are some improvements in the look of the emojis as well.

Apple has not yet released the new versions of tvOS, macOS and watchOS yet.