Apple's Iphone 11

Whether we call it New iPhone / iPhone 11 / iPhone XI is an Apple’s Flagship iPhone 2019 and it all about the camera.

What is the iPhone 11 news all about?and its Release Date

Latest Iphone 11

APPLE is maintaining the release date of its iPhone 2019 as top secret , but we’ve predicted the most likely iPhone 11 release date.

There are plenty of rumours rounding Iphone XI the latest news, release date, leaks etc.

One fact sure about it is the sequel for the last year Model.But there’s confusion about the name: what do you call the Smartphone that comes after the Iphone XR or Iphone XS.

iPhone 11 release date – when will an Apple’s Latest iPhone 2019 released?

Apple always follows pattern for iPhone releases each year.

The launch event always takes place in September and usually falls early on in the month –typically, on a Tuesday or Wednesday

2019, it is likely to be set for release event are Tuesday, September 10 or Wednesday, September 11.

Waterproof Display Technology:

Over the past few days, plenty of rumours surrounding Apple’s iPhone 11 lineup. But Sure, the iPhone 11 will be successors to the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max, and one more info well known for us is that Face recognition Technology will see some performance improvements, but that’s not a piece of jaw-dropping information.

iPhone XI may have a new feature included that is new “waterproof” display technology that will allow the device to recognise gestures and taps even when underwater.

Not? Sure. If the new iPhone makes it easier to detect gestures on those rare occasions when you’re trying to use your iPhone while walking in the rain, we’re not going to complain. And practically it will be a happy moment.

Camera :

it’s not the only design making the sounds, with another showing a triple-lens camera in the left corner. That would be more in discussion with where Apple currently places the camera.

Some Leaks show a glass back arrangement of buttons as the iPhone XS, and multiple leaks have claimed they’re right.

iphone 11 camera lens
Credit :@onleaaks/DigitIndia

Two way Wireless Charging

Taking a note from Recent launches and releases from Samsung and other Competitors , Apple also planning to Include Two way wireless Charging Technology

Input from Apple Pencil

Analysed that Apple new iPhone is lined up with A13 Chipset. Meanwhile, another iPhone XI leak suggests the new smartphone could support input from the Apple Pencil that currently only works with iPads.


Last year, Apple Stunned the smartphone world by increasing the cost of an iPhone.

The entry-level model – the iPhone XR – was priced at £749, which was the most expensive “starter” iPhone to date.

And the more premium iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max cost a high £999 to £1,449.

One Important Factor to be considered is Apple is facing Tough Competition in the Smartphone Industry and Sales are also not so good for iphone.

It is no doubt it will cost a lot .but it can be inline with prices of iphone Xs and expecting around $999.

Optimised Battery Life

We talk about this every year, but the result is that iPhones still aren’t the strongest performers when it comes to battery life.

The iPhone XS provided an improvement in the battery life over the iPhone X.


last year iPhones XS and co. offer dual SIM capabilities, but they can only hold one physical SIM.

the reason is the other one is an eSIM, which is built into the handset and can be assigned to a network upon activation.