ASUS ROG G703 Gaming Laptop
            ASUS ROG G703 Gaming Laptop

Asus has announced its ROG G703 gaming notebook, that boasts a seriously striking 17.3-inch screen using a 144Hz refresh speed for slick frame prices, is currently available in the united states.

But this mobile is far from inexpensive.

In reality, it is going to set you back a $3,499 (roughly #2,670, AU$4,530) — pay your wallet’s ears but the device comes with an undeniably striking spec, especially that IPS display which rewards from a 144Hz refresh speed as stated, combined with Nvidia’s G-Sync technician to fight ripping and stuttering.

It’s a 7ms reaction time (maybe a minor weak point, as we may have hoped for marginally lower) and can be a complete HD settlement panel. The latter makes sense as to crank the resolution up farther would rather defeat the purpose of this higher refresh rate (because it would be problematic for any laptop to push some games in these frame rates in a higher resolution).

We’re definitely exceptionally impressed with the board in our current hands-on expertise with the laptop.

In terms of storage, you receive a set of 256GB NVMe PCIe SSDs place to RAID 0 configuration, using a 1TB hard disk for extra space.

ASUS ROG G703 Gaming Laptop

Deliver us from dust

Asus further notes that the notebook has lots of (doubtless necessary) coolingsystem, using a neat-sounding system which boasts a set of high-performance fans alongside a heat-pipe layout that cools the CPU and GPU independently.

This cooling process is designed to keep dust from collecting within the system, which is likely a fantastic idea given that the strong parts resident in the chassis do not require any additional thermal stresses.

Other goodies include an RGB backlit mechanical gambling computer keyboard, and built in wireless service for up to eight Xbox One controls.

802.11ac (2×2) Wi-Fi is supported in addition to Bluetooth 4.2, and connectors comprise a USB 3.1 Type-C jack, backed by four USB 3.0 interfaces.