BenQ SW271
BenQ SW271

It is simple and inexpensive to go buy a 4K HDR TV with countless colours nowadays, so why the heck is it so tough to locate a PC screen that could do exactly the same? The 27-inch, 4K track can correctly render 10-bit, HDR pictures for professionals focusing on photographs, graphics or video, and is really fairly cheap in its class at $1,100.

The BenQ SW271 features HDR10 support, with 99% Adobe RGB and 93 percent DCI-P3 coverage, a number of the greatest amounts for all those colour precision criteria. Its AQCOLOR technology offers good control over calibration settings as it includes Technicolor certification, fulfilling Hollywood criteria for movie productions.

It’s possible to tune it with Benq’s Palette applications and colour calibration hardware in X-Rite, Datacolor Spider as well as many others. There is a hotkey “puck” to get commonly used settings also, clearly, a glare hood to decrease room light interference which could impact your perception of colours.

BenQ SW271

Companies, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, provide both 10-bits of HDR and colour.

But, 10-bit (“deep shade) monitors using a billion colours or so still are not very common. Such displays, however, are not as easy as authentic 10-bit displays when making fine gradients or adjustments between colours and shades. HDR, meanwhile, allows you to see more detail at the lightest and darkest areas of a picture.

The cause of this absence of accessibility is that the economics of the PC company. Since there’s still money to be produced in high-end images, most monitor manufacturers are not really considering selling displays with comparable specs to players or streaming movie watchers. That circumstance is not likely to change in the not too distant future, either, provided that the most lucrative PC customers are companies, VFX businesses, professional photographers and so on. The BenQ SW271 is currently available in the united states for $1,100.