CES 2020

CES 2020:  6 things that will everyone looking for in this year’s show

CES 2020 previews future products and reveals trends for the coming year in tech. In fact, some of the highlights of the CES never come to markets, such as sneak peeks and a few other concept cars. We hope to see a lot of new stuff, prototypes and experimental flights of fancy at CES 2020 – this may include ideas that look like your future phones and computers.

CES also talks about how tectonic plates are growing in the tech industry and how technology is evolving to improve and change our lives.

Here are the top six things on this year’s show.

1. Services

The tech industry is set to double in 2019. The service was spearheaded by Apple and Disney, which gained a lot of headlines, expanded service across the industry, and focused on several new Mojo services at startups.

2. Ambient Computing

It is very terminology-name for the idea that technology blends into our lives in more subtle ways. Think of it this way. Two decades ago, we connected with technology and the online world by sitting on the mouse, keyboard and monitor. A decade ago, the smartphone was kept in our pocket. Now, it is moving beyond our computers and phones.


3. Health and wellness

The most rapidly expanding category in CES in recent years is health, fitness and wellness. Scattered in a sea of ​​various pavilions at CES, this category now occupies half of Tech West – where many new and innovative vendors make their pitch. It helps you eat better, sleep better, exercise more effectively, monitor your health and pick up other new health and wellness.

4. Privacy and security

Many tech analysts and pundits are raising red flags, and tech companies are running wild with user data and not doing enough to keep us safe on their platforms. Customers largely ignore them. Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and other companies seem to have reached a point where we are very focused on privacy and security, such as jockeying with each other, So do you know how they protect your information? Integrates digital wellness facilities to keep you safe from hackers and provide you with peace of mind.

5. Streaming and cord-cutting

CES has undergone a transformation over the past decade, covering a range of topics, from cars to home products. However, the heart of the show remains TV. Samsung was the largest, most attractive and most popular booth at the show. But what we see on those TVs, the way we view them is revolutionized by Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus and other streaming services such as Revo, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.

6. 5G view

While much of the 5G’s advertising and enthusiasm is targeted for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February, 5G has no way of getting into CES. It doesn’t hurt that AT&T has launched its low-band 5G network in Las Vegas in recent weeks, so there are actually real-world 5G phones used by CES attendees (T-Mobile also has 5G in the city). At CES, the focus is on the changing everyday scenarios of 5G – from video film posters to new stories to future stories, while driverless cars actually enhance mobile entertainment. Overlaying the World with Online Information.

CES 2020 offers something new and interesting for everyone, whether you are deep in the company, undergoing future trends, or anxious to move on.

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