Google Chrome's upcoming update to pause autoplay videos until you choose to listen to them

We have all been through that moment when you were browsing the web on Google Chrome and music suddenly starts blasting out of your speakers from a random tab. Seems that Google too is tired of this abuse of autoplay videos and is now taking action on it with a new update.

The next Chrome update numbered version 66 will see this autoplay feature disabled. Sound will only be played once the user themselves have interacted with the site or if they have previously shown interest in that particular website before.

As per a report by The Verge, the update is now appearing on beta channels of Chrome ahead of a public release next month. This update was originally scheduled to come in version 64 as per the report and there was also an option to permanently mute these annoying websites.

In other Chrome-related news, the browser has finally rolled out a built-in ad-blocking feature as part of its Chrome browser. According to a detailed blog post on the Chromium Blog, the company maintained that it is not planning to block all advertisements from web pages. Instead, it will only target bad ads as per standards set by the ‘Coalition for Better Ads.