Months after Google introduced machine learning algorithms in devices for searching jobs in the US, the company has worked on a number of tools that make the process of looking out for jobs simpler.

As per data accumulated by Google, since the introduction of Google for Jobs in June shortly after I/O, more than 60 percent of employers in the US showing jobs on Google Search. But Google is keen on making the process, even more, simpler and doing so in collaboration with the job matching industry.

Google makes applying for jobs with new tools that can accessed directly from search window

After feedback from job seekers, Google will now let users access salary-related information directly on Search, improved location settings and alternative job choices based on the post being applied for. While these tools roll out immediately, Google also intends to add the ability to save individual jobs in a few weeks.

The added tools have been added after extensive research by a team that found an estimated 85 percent of job listings in US have salary information missing. Google have hence tied up with job sources including Glassdoor, PayScale and LinkedIn to draw up salary ranges based on the post as well as a comparison to the estimated range for the mentioned job post.

The location filter on the other hand now allows users to select between a range of two miles to up to 200 miles or even ‘anywhere’ based on the flexibility of the job seeker. Applying for jobs have also been looked at by the Google team. Since jobs are often listed in multiple places on the web, Google saves these preferences of the job seeker, making it easier for the seeker to apply for jobs using the same site.