Google takes another step to curb spreading of fake news

Fake news has been one of the issues that most of big tech firms have been facing lately. While Facebook has been doing its bit to curb this from spreading on its website, Google too has taken a step to keep it caged as much as possible. The search giant has not yet publicly announced what it is doing to curb the issue. However, as spotted by Mashable, it has updated its Google News guidelines detailing its plans.

Google plans to stop fake news from showing up on its news portal – Google News. The updated guidelines page adds a new point wherein Google says that news websites should not mask their original location. Doing this won’t bring the particular news from the website on Google News.

“Sites included in Google News must not misrepresent, misstate, or conceal information about their ownership or primary purpose, or engage in coordinated activity to mislead users. This includes, but isn’t limited to, sites that misrepresent or conceal their country of origin or are directed at users in another country under false premises,” says the firm.

Although this is not a major change and won’t be affecting the end users/readers in any manner, it will definitely prove to be a positive and effective step in curbing fake news. It is worth adding that Google News doesn’t pick up news articles that fall under sections like – How-to articles, Advice columns, Job postings, Real estate listings and strictly informational content such as weather forecasts and stock data.

Google, in April this year, introduced its first tools to combat fake news on its Search engine. The firm let users complain about articles that were misleading, inaccurate or included hateful content in its auto-complete function. The search giant added that it will be demoting low-quality content and will show more authoritative pages, as reported by The Guardian.