Google updates Pixel 2 XL with new color display modes
Google Pixel 2 XL

Google was quick to deal with the flak it captured over the Pixel two XL’s screen color and burn-in problems. Now, it is taking action in the kind of a software upgrade, which packs lots of alterations to your device’s P-OLED display.

As Android Central points out, despite “saturated” chosen, users should not expect the Pixel two XL to suddenly transform into a screen dynamo at the vein of their Samsung Galaxy S8. Rather, Google’s goal is to bring a striking selection, while keeping the cellphone’s untouched palette. The “fostered” option only functions as a “vibrant colors” substitute.

Another tweaks aim to interfere with display burn-in be lessening the load on the screen. While this upgrade mainly centers around the bigger sibling in Google’s flagship household, in addition, it packs a cure for the “clicking sound” bothering the Pixel 2. Additionally, a December safety limitation is in the pipeline using more improvements.