The HTC Vive staff and Logitech introduced a brand new hardware and software bundle today that intends to aid developers enter text when building programs and games. The 150 BRIDGE kit comprises a Logitech G keyboard plus a Vive tracker which monitors typing and reproduces it in VR. While Logitech is releasing 50 of those kits to begin, it is promising to see crossover technology which brings real life gadgets in to virtual reality. Plus it works across the Steam VR program.

Logitech AI

The tracker does not just fit exactly what keys you type — it steps your hand motions also, which makes it a ton simpler to situate yourself. This brings the computer keyboard into your own electronic workspace, which is excellent for everything from surfing to understanding which macro and function keys you are pressing. On top of that, the BRIDGE SDK empowers users to personalize their computer keyboards in VR, which means that you can remap each of the functions based on circumstance.

If any US-based programmers out there are curious, they may make an application for the initial 50 slots from the beta program before November 16th.