This may be the key feature of Apple Watch set to launch in 2018

Few days ago, it was reported that Apple could be launching its next-generation Apple Watch accessory next year. Now, cementing this claim is a new report from Bloomberg stating what could be the device’s one of the highlighted features. According to the report, Apple is working on something called as EKG heart monitor for its future smartwatch.

It is an advanced heart rate monitor that will push the Apple Watch from a mere luxury device more towards a medical device. The report adds that to use the feature, people would have to squeeze the frame of the Apple Watch. Triggering the feature would beam an imperceptible current towards the user’s chest, tracking the electric signals in the heart and detect if anything is abnormal.

The EKGs (electrocardiograms or ECGs) feature in the Apple Watch may not be like the ones used by doctors or in other wearables such as the Holter monitor. While they tell the hearts current state, the upcoming Apple Watch may be able to use this feature to predict if any abnormalities may happen in future.

The report adds that Apple is still working on this and may decide to ditch it in future devices. It is worth adding that Apple Watch users have the option to buy an EKG made by AliveCor Inc, built on the device’s strap itself.

On a related note, Apple may also be launching next-gen Airpods next year as well, according to a noted analyst from KGI, Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo did not reveal the specifics of the upcoming Airpods. But he did reveal that it may come with a ‘smaller quartz component’. In addition, the new 2018 Apple Airpods will be assembled by Inventec, a Taiwanese manufacturer, who is also responsible for developing the current version Airpods.

The components for the new Airpods however, will be supplied from Unitech, Compeq, TXC, and HLJ.